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Our advertising services grow reach, drive leads, and offer a better ROI for your business through detailed targeting.
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Social Media Advertising & Ad Placement Services

Are you looking to increase the exposure of your business on a local, regional, or national level but not sure how? No matter what service, product, or brand you’re promoting, Pipeline Social Media can take your business to the next level with personalized paid advertising and ads management on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and beyond. We have over ten years of experience implementing social media advertising for hotels, restaurants, private schools, agritourism farms, small businesses, celebrities, and more. We create custom campaigns according to your brand, target your ideal audience, and assess performance consistently to keep your ads working for you. For just a few dollars a day, social media is able to zero in on your ideal audience by demographics, location, job titles, interests, education, career, and more. Put your marketing budget to work for you and let our team help you reach your social media goals today!

What is Your Social Media Advertising Budget?

We get this question a lot from our customers. Before you begin advertising, you’ll need to determine which geographic areas to target. If you’re looking to target a county or city, you can do this with a smaller budget. However, if you’re targeting multiple states or larger regions of the United States, your budget will need to be larger. At Pipeline Social Media, we offer the flexibility to increase or decrease your advertising budget to achieve the results you’re after. We typically encourage all customers to begin with at least $250 – $500 of pure advertising spend. We have managed tens of thousands of dollars on behalf of businesses per month, and we have seen amazing results. It’s important to put your hard-earned dollars in the hands of a professional who can keep a close eye on your cost per click and make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Our Work

Social media advertising is the key ingredient to a successful Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn strategy. With the power of social media, our team can target your ideal customer while simultaneously promoting the product or service they love.

Southern Belle Farm - McDonough, GA

We helped one of the most popular agritourism sites in GA sell out seasonal activities and establish a brand identity.

Embassy St. Augustine Beach

We helped a new-build establish their online fanbase and presence in the St. Augustine market.

Georgia Political Campaigns

We have been involved in 25+ social media campaigns for victorious candidates at the local and state level.

UPS Stores of Henry County

We helped five UPS Stores increase their local awareness and add a personal touch to their brand.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising for Your Business

What Are the Types of Social Media Ads?


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