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We were honored to start managing social media channels for the UPS Stores of Henry County, GA, in 2019, including their locations at Eagles Landing, Highway 138, Lake Dow, South Point, and Jonesboro Road. If you’ve ever mailed a package before, you likely know about this global shipping & logistics company.

When we received this account, all of their location Facebook pages were connected to the national UPS Store’s Facebook page. Meaning their location pages received identical weekly posts as the national brand. The content was not personalized to their unique location and did not include the full scope of available services. Their solution was practical but not engaging! Our client hired us to add the missing elements of engagement, personalization, and reach to the posting strategy.

Our client, Jon Holland, who owns the UPS Stores in Henry County, is a great businessman and leader for his team. We love working with Jon! And we enjoy catching up with him each month to discuss the services he wants us to focus on during the upcoming month and plan social media contests for his fans.


The first challenge was to add some individuality to each location’s Facebook page so fans and potential customers would be able to identify the locations on social media as their hometown store. We started with the page names and changed “The UPS Store 4224,” for example to “The UPS Store at Eagles Landing” on Facebook. Secondly, we used terminology in each post such as “Visit us at the Eagles Landing UPS Store right beside Italian Oven,” or “Come see us at the Lake Dow UPS Store in the Publix shopping center,” to help fans better connect with the individual locations. When users see our client’s posts in their feed, they quickly understand where the store is instead of just seeing Store #1234. Fans can now pick and interact with their favorite locations online. Lastly, we went to every location several times to take photographs of their staff members in order to post staff highlights. The response to staff highlights is always positive! We often get comments like “He’s the best!” or “Love the staff at Eagles Landing!”

The second challenge for our client was dealing with user feedback. Previously, there wasn’t a plan in place for monitoring and responding to comments, messages, or reviews. We quickly resolved this issue with our thorough Reputation Management services. With a vast client list spanning many industries, we have a lot of experience responding to positive and negative feedback in a way that addresses concerns, keeps the user calm, and reassures future customers when they read the reviews.

Finally, our client entrusted us to further personalize each UPS location by using our creativity to inject some fun into the pages with social media contests while still informing fans of their services that go beyond shipping—packing, printing, mailboxes, business services, notary services, and more.


Social Media Content: 

  • Facebook
    • The UPS Store at Jonesboro Road
    • The UPS Store at Lake Dow
    • The UPS Store at Highway 138
    • The UPS Store at Eagles Landing
    • The UPS Store at South Point
  • Instagram
    • The UPS Stores of Henry County


  • Page Promotion Ads – Follow Ads
  • Brand Awareness Ads
  • Page Engagement Ads – Boosted Posts


  • Personalize each Facebook page for 5 store locations
  • Raise awareness of certain services
  • Create more engaging content such as employee highlights & contest posts

RESULTS AT A GLANCE: 2020 Statistics 

For the five UPS locations, we were pleased to have a Facebook Reach of 617.7k. Reach is defined as the number of unique people who saw our content on Facebook, and this can include someone seeing our content on one of the Facebook business pages or seeing a post or ad in their news feed. We believe that Reach is a large part of the return on investment for Facebook. The second main statistic we tracked was engagement, which is when a Facebook user takes action on your ad, post, or page. The most common ways to see engagement are through likes, comments, shares, check-ins, and tags. For our five UPS locations, we had a Facebook Engagement of 9,478.


Contest & Giveaway Posts:

We used contest posts to engage current fans and find new fans. Our approach was celebrating popular holidays by doing giveaways as a special treat to customers. The prize was a $100 Visa gift card or $20 off any UPS service at any location.

social media post showing woman lifting child into air

social post with woman holding Christmas in front of tree

social media post with a backpack with office supplies

Employee Highlight Posts: 

Highlighting staff members at the different locations was one simple, effective way to add a human element to the pages. It also gave customers the opportunity to compliment the staff in the comment section.

Two UPS employees smiling for the camera

A UPS employee smiling

COVID Response Posts: 

When several businesses were experiencing shutdowns due to COVID-19, we made sure to keep fans in the know about our client’s hours and protocols. UPS Stores of Henry County remained open while following CDC guidelines in order to help businesses continue to use the services they need to run their business.

UPS employee helping a customer ship a package

Post it note with a message for customers

a UPS employee making copies social media post

A small business owner using a laptop social media post

Business Services:

Our client informed us early on that many people simply did not know that UPS offered services outside of shipping. We address this weekly by creating informative posts about their other services.

A UPS customer shredding papers social media post

A customer putting mail into a UPS mailbox

A UPS employee helping a customer with a package social media post

A UPS employee and customer making copies social media post

A UPS employee helping a customer with a sign social media post

 A truck with their brand name printed on the side social media post

Review Post: 

Whenever one of our client’s stores receives a great review, we make sure to create content that helps take that word of mouth farther.

A UPS employee helping a customer with a banner social media post

UPS employee helping a customer social media post



Every business is unique and has the potential to reach new fanbases —it’s our job to help you get there! To see more examples of how we’ve helped our customers, click here: Social Media Case Studies. If you would like help marketing your small business or franchise, please reach out to us to set up your free digital marketing consultation!

Pipeline Social Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that offers three approaches to help you increase your social media presence: we can fully manage your social media accounts, we can teach your team how to do it in-house, or we can monitor/coach your team along the way and report back to you. Ask us about our Google AdWords management, web design, and SEO website packages. Contact: 678-814-4601 | 280 Country Club Drive, Suite 101, Stockbridge, GA 30281

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