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Social Media Management Services

There are 4.48 billion social media users globally, and that number is growing! That means there is ample opportunity for you to find your target audience to grow your business or brand. At Pipeline Social Media, our job is to help you reach your marketing goals through the power of digital marketing. We’ll partner with you to increase brand awareness, engagement, and web traffic while telling your unique story. And the best part is, social media marketing management is much more affordable than you think. View our social media case studies for real customer examples. Let’s get started! 

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Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Management

Facebook remains on top and is the most popular social networking site. This channel is a must for your digital marketing advertising goals and building an online community.

Instagram Management

We’ll help you achieve a visually pleasing and engaging Instagram feed that your online community will love interacting with. Get ready for more likes, comments, and website traffic!

Twitter Management

We’ll update your Twitter fans with all of your opinions, promotions, hot takes, or any other bite-sized content you want to share. Leave interacting with relevant hashtags and topics to us!

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn business pages are great for every business, especially B2B companies. We’ll help show others why your business is the leader in your field and reasons why they should work with you.

Google My Business Management

We’ll claim and optimize your Google My Business page to make it easier for fans to find you! Our team will also respond to Google reviews and create posts to foster healthy SEO.

Pinterest Management

We’ll do the curating for you. Tell the story of your business with themed boards and call your fans to action through pins that lead to your products or services.

Social Media Advertising

Through paid advertising on social media, you can target your ideal audience in terms of location, interests, income, education, career, and more.

Reputation Monitoring

We monitor everywhere people talk about your business – messages, comments, & reviews. Our prompt responses help change the conversation positively around your business and bring negative conversations offline.

How Pipeline is Different than Other Social Media Marketing Companies

As the social media marketing industry has grown and evolved, we see more and more companies offering social media services. What makes Pipeline different is the level of tailored service that we provide, our time in the industry, and our custom advertising services. We go beyond sharing one-size-fits-all content to create a unique marketing plan & content based on our proven strategies. Your business will receive the benefits of having a dedicated Account Manager to talk strategy, insights, and results as well as a team of professionals creating original content depending on your needs. You won’t see your content somewhere else, because we tailor make it for your brand! And we don’t use any set it and forget it type practices when handling your channels. You’ll have someone working on your account daily, regularly coming up with creative solutions & engaging with your audience when they are online. Our team does not rely on bots to communicate with your audience. We keep an eye on your community daily and respond appropriately in real time. 

Pipeline Social Media was founded at the early stages of social media in 2011. We have seen Facebook business pages go from text only status updates to featuring photos, videos, and more. We see trends come and go. We don’t jump on every bandwagon thinking that it’s the key to success because we have tried and true marketing systems that proven their worth. When choosing a social media company, it’s important to choose a company that has been in business long enough to learn the market and establish a good reputation of dependability with their clients. 

Lastly, we offer Advertising Services to get more eyes on your social and website. When you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level by investing in ads, we’ll be ready to create a plan that will efficiently use your ad dollars – getting the biggest results possible at the lowest cost possible. We handle campaigns from start to finish, including the idea phase, content creation, graphic design, market research, custom audience targeting, ad creation, ad maintenance, and reputation management. The level of attention that we bring to every client’s advertising campaign is second to none and our door is always open to our clients. Contact us to learn more about our social media marketing services.

Our Launch Process

Step 1: Team Introduction

We begin by scheduling a discovery meeting via zoom or in person so you can meet our team and so we can learn about your goals for social media marketing. You will meet your dedicated Account Manager who will be with you at every step of our relationship, and they will ask you a series of questions to get to know your business better. This is a great time to ask any questions you have about social media in general or the social media methods at Pipeline.

Step 2: Create Custom Social Media Marketing Plan

Our team will create a custom social media marketing plan to meet your goals. We’ll study your industry and market trends to implement an advertising plan for steady growth. During this Onboarding phase, we will collect everything we need from you to get started, such as logos, team photos, and brand guidelines.

Step 3: Begin Post Approval Process

In order to ensure we are speaking the language of your business and becoming a true extension of your brand, we will send you the initial social media posts to approve before they are published. Feel free to suggest edits for us and we will get the final draft back to you in a timely manner.

Step 4: Set Up Your Social Media Advertising

You have a target market and we want to reach them. Before the launch of your social media marketing, we create new social media ads to reach your business’s goals on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and additional channels you choose. We can set up ads to increase engagement, website traffic, brand awareness, followers, video views, and more. Whatever your goal, there’s an ad for it.

Step 5: Launch Your Social Media Strategy

On the day of your social media marketing campaign launch, we will publish your first posts to your channels, turn your social media ads on, provide reputation monitoring for new comments, messages, and reviews, and begin tracking your results! Your dedicated Account Manager is always on hand if you have any questions along the way.

Step 6 & Beyond: Track Your Results

After we launch your accounts, the work has just started for the Pipeline team! Your dedicated Account Manager will be in contact with you as we receive important messages, comments or reviews on your social channels. As part of our Reputation Monitoring services, we formulate professional replies on your behalf for social media reviews, but when the review pertains to a sensitive topic or issue, we get your opinion first or follow a custom response plan we develop ahead of time with you. Your Account Manager will also be in contact to schedule our first zoom phone call or in-person meeting to go over the first month’s insights and feedback.

Our Work

It’s our honor to help businesses find success through LinkedIn marketing. Whether it’s selling more products, generating positive buzz, receiving job applications, or advertising to top industry decision makers, we are here to help. View some of our case studies to see how we used social media marketing to help businesses achieve their ideal objective.

Southern Belle Farm - McDonough, GA

We helped one of the most popular agritourism sites in GA sell out seasonal activities and establish a brand identity.

Embassy St. Augustine Beach

We helped a new-build establish their online fanbase and presence in the St. Augustine market.

Georgia Political Campaigns

We have been involved in 25+ social media campaigns for victorious candidates at the local and state level.

UPS Stores of Henry County

We helped five UPS Stores increase their local awareness and add a personal touch to their brand.

Free Download: 30 Days of Social Media Engagement

Get inspired with our new eBook featuring 30 social media post ideas that will build fan loyalty and engagement!

Why Should You

Outsource Digital Marketing

For Your Business?


Save Time

While you focus on running your business, our team will be in the background working on your online presence and responding to audience feedback. Having a digital marketing team in your corner frees you up to spend more time doing what you’re best at. 

Save Money

Forget the guesswork that comes with DIY digital advertising. We’ll work with your marketing budget and help you get the most bang for your buck with our expert audience targeting skills. Hiring Pipeline Social Media to manage your social media comes at a much lower price tag than it would be to hire an expert in the field to join your staff.

Learn More About Your Audience

Our top priority is taking care of your online audience. We learn their likes and dislikes, build community with them, and use what we learn to find more people who will love your business. We even offer custom training to your team if you want a more in-depth look at the ins and outs of your marketing strategy. 

Leave It To Experts

Social media is our passion. It’s what we wake up in the morning for. When there is a new technique or strategy, we’re on it. When you leave social media to an office manager or young associate, you are placing a lot of responsibility in their hands in terms of managing advertising dollars for you, controlling the narrative of your business, and even liability for content and photo use.


“Pipeline Social Media uses their knowledge and skills to help you take your ideas and tasks to the next level. The service they provide is exceptional. Southern Belle farm has really enjoyed the working relationship with Pipeline.”

Daniel Welliver, Southern Belle Farm

“Pipeline has uncovered new lines of communication which allow me to interact in the greatest possible manner with my constituents. Because of Pipeline, I now have access to my constituents through all available means of social media. Instead of worrying about my accessibility to those I represent, I am now able to focus on better serving these individuals that I am engaged with.”

Rep. Brian Strickland, Georgia Senate

“Pipeline is a great team to have manage your social media. I was trying to keep current with all the changes with Facebook and marketing and found myself spending about 5-6 hours a week working on this. I bought my time back by allowing Pipeline to take over. Now I can focus on growing my business and allowing Pipeline to manage my content and responses. Best decision I have ever made.”

Morrelle McCrary, Ram-Tech PC Solutions

“Great American Hotel Group and many of our portfolio hotels have worked with Pipeline Social Media for years.  They are professional, knowledgeable and very responsive.  What I value the most is the fact that they listen and are able to take my hair-brained ideas and make them reality!  Don't look anywhere else - they are the best!”

Linda Komornik, Great American Hotel Group

“The Pipeline team works hard to keep our social messaging on target and our community fans engaged. Since hiring them, we've seen significant increases in our reach and engagement, and our property-level employees have been able to focus on operations.” 

Kathryn Jones

“Great company. Really good service. They are professional!”

Vivian Ordoñez Sifuentes, Embassy San Rafael Marin County

“I struggled as a very business small business owner to do everything I had to do and to continually professionally build my social media presence.  Pipeline has helped us reach 10,000 likes and a massive following leaving me more time to work on serving my customers!  Love them and am very grateful they are part of our time!!”

Annette OBanion, Serial entrepreneur

“Pipeline Social Media is your ONE STOP SHOP for media help!!! ALWAYS responsive and a "young" legislator I needed a company that I could trust and count on...PSM is the BEST. Professional and spot on!! THANK YOU PIPELINE!!!”

Rep. Karen Mathiak, Georgia House of Representatives

“Thanks to your team. You really did excellent work.”

Judge Brian Amero, Superior Court Judge for the Flint Judicial Circuit


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