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Are you not getting the leads you thought you would? Have you ever created an amazing social media campaign but were unsuccessful in the impact/results? The answer for these could be due to your website efficiency (or lack thereof). Your campaign’s call to action was most likely to have customers visit your website. Is your website slow, out-of-date, or not mobile-friendly? These (and more) are all variables that can have an impact on your social media campaigns and your overall customer engagement and retention. Perception is reality and your website announces your business’s presence to the world. You may have the best products and services in your industry but if you do not have an attractive and mobile-friendly website, you are missing out on potential sales opportunities, costing you valuable business dollars. Below are four things to consider when creating and maintaining a successful website for your business, or updating your current website.

1. Obtain a good domain name

  1. Avoid numbers and hyphens
  2. Make sure it’s memorable
  3. Make it SEO friendly

Having a difficult domain name ultimately means less people discovering your site. Keep the name simple, on brand, and memorable. Make it unique and easy to pronounce. Consider using SEO-friendly (search engine optimization) keywords like the city or state your business is located. Do your research by always checking for trademarks.

2. Create an interesting & engaging website user interface

  1. Use beautiful graphics and easy-to-read fonts
  2. Create clear call-to-action buttons
  3. Stay on brand

The homepage is the most important part of your entire website. Make sure that when a potential customer arrives at your homepage, it is attractive, simple, and easy to navigate (for any user). Your products and services should be obvious. Along with having these clearly listed, be sure that your graphics are high-quality and make sense for your business. You will also need to consider that customers could be visiting your website from a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. Be sure that it looks good and clean across all forms of technology.

3. Regularly create and publish content

  1. Write and publish articles, blog posts, and more
  2. Add customer testimonials
  3. Stay up-to-date

Out-of-date or poorly written content will cause a potential customer to leave your site. If they see a current post, something helpful/useful, or something fresh, they will inevitably keep reading and continue searching for other content on your site. If they see anything non-useful or extremely out-of-date, they will assume you are not invested, or worse, they will assume you are no longer in business.

4. Determine your main call to action

  1. Set the ideal goal for a website visitor.
  2. The goal could be to have your customers purchase a product or service, to schedule an appointment, download an e-book or more.
  3. Build your website around the main goal with clear call-to-action buttons and attractive funnels.

Let your website work for your business all day, every day! We understand that maintaining and/or updating a website can be tedious and time-consuming. That’s why we’re here to help! Pipeline Social Media can provide you with an inviting, responsive, user-friendly website, designed to connect you to your ideal client. Let us help you craft a comprehensive digital experience for users to engage with, welcoming them to your fantastic services and increasing your sales conversions! Contact us today to learn more about how Pipeline can help grow your business.

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