Earlier this week, Instagram announced that users can now manage multiple accounts from within the app! For users that manage a personal account and a business account, this is a great addition to the app. Users will no longer have to sign out of one account and sign into another. To access this new feature, users must have the latest version (7.15). Also, the new feature is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. To help you out, we’ll show you how to add multiple accounts!

To start, go to the profile you are logged in as, and look for the “Settings” icon in the top right corner. For iOS users, this well appear as a gear/cog; for Android users, it will appear as three dots vertically lined up.

Once you are in the “Settings” menu, scroll down to the bottom and you will see a new section that says “Add Account.”

From here, Instagram’s login page will appear. Login into your other account like you normally would sign in.

After you’ve logged in, that’s it! You now are logged into multiple accounts within the Instagram app. Please note that you can be logged into a maximum of FIVE accounts at once.

To easily switch back and forth between apps, simply go to the profile of the account you are logged into and you will see an arrow next to the name of account. Click that, and a drop-down menu will appear that shows the multiple accounts you are logged into.

Also, if you want to see which account you are accessing before posting, simply look to the bottom right where the icon for accessing your profile used to be. The app now displays the profile image you have chosen for your account.

We hope that this blog post has been helpful for you! If you have any questions about being logged into multiple accounts on Instagram, or if you have any other social media questions, feel free to call us, email us, or hit us up on our social media channels! We would love to help you in anyway that we can.

Pipeline is a social media marketing agency that offers three approaches to help you increase your presence: we can fully manage your social media accounts, we can teach your team how to do it in-house, or we can monitor your team and report back to you.

Justin Monsewicz

Interactive Project Manager
Pipeline Social Media

Justin Monsewicz

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