We are live with Pipeline leader Keith Mather for our brand new series called Pipeline LIVE where we tackle your digital marketing questions. Today, we’re answering your questions pertaining to social media ads and targeting including:

  • Why should I do Facebook ads?
  • How does someone get started with Facebook ads?
  • When creating ads, should I use stock images or photos of your own products or services?
  • How much should I spend per month on Social Media ads?
  • Should we incorporate emojis into ad captions?
  • What is a good cost-per-engagement for a boosted post?
  • What is a good cost-per-click for a Facebook ad?
  • What is a good cost-per like for a Facebook ad?

Pipeline Social Media offers three approaches to help businesses increase their social media presence: full management, hands-on social media training for staff, and monthly monitoring programs to coach teams along the way. Pipeline also designs and develops custom websites and landing pages, search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, blogging, and email marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn more.

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