You don’t want to be slowed down while trying to maintain a constant stream of content on your blog or social media. Content creators need access to images that will pair nicely with their work and flow with their business’ design themes. Good news for you—there’s a place we know that has “Over 670,000 free stock photos, vectors and art illustrations.” We’ve got another free photo site to share with you: Pixabay!

Pixabay- “Free images and videos you can use anywhere”

Pixabay is a huge resource for doing creative work. It’s really a one-stop-shop. Whether you need something to make your article stand out, clean images for your blog, or vector graphics for web & print—you are sure to find it on Pixabay.

How to use Pixabay

It’s super simple. Click on the photo you want, and it will lead you to the photo’s profile. Here you will find information about the photo, the artist, photo rules, and other related images. Just click the green Free Download button and the photo will be sent to your computer’s download folder. You are even able to download the image in different sizes.

Pay close attention to the information beside the photo. If a particular photo has additional rules for use, you will find it there. You’ll find a few related images below the selected image on this page as well. Helpful!


All photos and videos on Pixabay belong to the public domain under Creative Commons CC0. For the most part, photos found on this site can be used however you like including on social media! You have permission to modify the image, even if it is for commercial gain, without asking for permission or attributing anyone.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, if you download a photo of a public figure, do not use it offensively, unlawfully, or to endorse something with their likeness that they did not consent to. Likewise, proceed with caution when using images that include recognizable brands! Depending on your intended use, you may need permission. Pixabay cannot protect you if you mess this up!

They suggests that you put yourself in the place of the people, brands, and items in the photo and ask yourself if you would be okay with the way the photo is being used. This is especially important to consider when you are using an image for commercial gain! Learn more about Public Domain images.

Photo by lighstargod

Photo by StartupStockPhotos

Free Videos, did you catch that?

In addition to free images, Pixabay provides free videos. Check out this free business video that you can use for any purposes, say the background of your website. If you are a hotel or business by the beach, you could use this scenic video of beach waves on a social media post! The video possibilities are endless for gyms, campgrounds, small businesses, and more!

What Makes Pixabay Stand Out?

The search function is thorough. It allows you to set several filters to search through over 640,000 photos, videos, and illustrations. We suggest joining the site, so you can take full advantage of features like favoriting photos for later use and following other users. Another cool thing—upload 10 of your own personal images and you can get rid of the ads!

Pixabay has a ton of photos, it is easy to use, and the Pipeline team uses it all the time. You’ll find very specific images here. We have a lot of fun with it in the office . . .

Photo by Alexas_Fotos

We hope this article was helpful! If you want to find more great photos, read our other blogs about great photo websites for social media. Have fun with Pixabay and go create some content worth sharing!

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Maiya Wall
Social Media Community Manager
Pipeline Social Media

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