We know what you’re thinking when considering outsourcing your business’ social media:

1. “But doing it myself is free.”

Doing your own social media for your business is free-ish at best. What’s that quote? . . .”time is money.” It may be cliché to start this blog post on this note, but it’s so true! If you want your social media done right, it takes time and planning. You could easily spend the better part of your daily work hours solely promoting your business.

Think about it this way—you’ve just bought new office space for your business. Instead of hiring a lawn service to tend to the grass, you decide to save some money by doing it all yourself! After buying the equipment, spending the energy and time to cut the grass, dealing with upkeep— did you really save that much? You spent all day cutting the grass, but hey! You’ve saved 50 bucks! Unless you are already a pro at cutting grass, it probably wasn’t worth the trouble, and you probably could have done something better with your time. Successful business owners know when it’s time to outsource, because they know how much their time is worth. Are you undervaluing how much your time is worth?

2. “But I know my field best . . . Why let someone else do my social media?”

But you might not know how to communicate your work the best. There is no shame in letting someone else do the talking. At Pipeline, our clients tell us what’s important to them and we communicate that to their audience. And for all of you overachievers out there, repeat after me—I do not need to do it all.” You do know your field best, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a blogger, social media manager, and graphic designer too. Don’t try to do it all. Plus, you miss out on so much when you tackle it alone! Just think of the fresh perspective that comes along with a team of people trained to make your business look good. Our team is steadily coming up with new strategies and ideas for businesses just like yours.

3. “If I can handle my personal social media, I can handle my business’ Social Media.”

Your personal social media and your business’ social media are not the same ball game. Do you know the three words you want to avoid at all cost? It’s photo copyright infringement, and you avoid this by posting images you take yourself, purchase, or download for free that are approved for social media use. Whew! Keeping up a constant, professional social media presence (that won’t cause a lawsuit) requires research, planning, and know-how.

4. “I know better than to handle my business’ social media . . . My office manager does that.”

We have some bad news. This may not be the right move. It’s unlikely that your Office Manager who you hired to oversee your CPA office will know the ins and outs of social media. If you want to keep your social media in-house and not outsource it, let us train your team to handle it effectively. Pipeline hosts hands-on training in person or by webinar to teach your team social media graphic design, photo laws, post strategy, guidelines for reviews, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and the list goes on.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to rethink outsourcing some or all of your business’ social media?

Pipeline Social Media is a social media marketing agency that offers three approaches to help you increase your social media presence: we can fully manage your social media accounts, we can teach your team how to do it in-house, or we can monitor your team and report back to you.

Maiya Wall
Social Media Community Manager
Pipeline Social Media

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