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About us

Pipeline Social Media is a full-servic digital marketing agency that enables its clients to expand their digital impact and customer loyalty by combining unique content strategie, results-driven website and advertising campaigns. Pipeline Social Media manages 400+ social media channels on behalf of businesses and brands across the U.S.

Management Services


Craft creative posts with engaging language that encourages fans to like, comment, and share your content.

Create beautiful photos, find engaging videos, and share informative articles.

Optimize post timing and frequency for maximum impact and reach.


Design and develop custom websites or template-based websites that reflect your business and branding.

Redesign current websites to be mobile-friendly/responsive.

Create clear calls to action and messaging to connect with future customers.

Reduce bounce rates by boosting site speed.


smart landing pages

Design and develop landing pages to promote your upcoming webinar, special offer, e-book, hotel package, and more.

Create clear calls to action that get you the results you want.

Hosted on your website or on an independent page/URL.


Post creative Instagram updates that have quality, eye-catching images and engaging text.

Use smart hashtags to draw attention to your updates.

Interact with businesses and users on Instagram through likes, comments, and reposts (shares).


Verify your Google+ page and optimize your profile for search engine visibility while working to delete any duplicate pages.

Create posts that correlate with your business image and engage fans.  

Interact with other users and grow your community by sharing, +1ing, and commenting.


Create an attractive and informative profile page for your business.

Compose posts and updates that are relevant to your company's niche or industry.

Respond to comments and create an attractive presence for potential employees.

email marketing

Build and manage email subscriber lists to promote and inform customers about your business.

Create easy to use signup pages within your Facebook page and other social media profiles.

Compose eyecatching email marketing campaigns that allow you to build a stronger relationship with your customers.


Discover relevant blog topics through research about your business.

Compose blog articles that are published to your website (if a blog is enabled). Up to 300 words.

Use proper SEO techniques and best practices to increase the effectiveness of each blog.


Create effective campaigns that increase your number of followers, drive traffic to your website, and increase your overall sales.

Grow your existing fan base and build a community around your product or business.

Target specific locations, demographics, behaviors, and interest sets to increase your ad's effectiveness.


Monitor and respond to Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Google reviews.

Change the conversation around your business by quickly identifying and responding to negative reviews and comments. 

Provide crucial insights into what guests are thinking based on review content and feedback. 

Consulting Services

Analysis & Planning

Examine and evaluate your overall social media strategy and effectiveness.

Provide detailed recommendations for your business on how to optimize and improve your current strategy across all platforms.

Compare your company's social presence to similar companies in the same area or niche. 

On-site training

Teach your staff the skills they need to manage and grow your social media presence.

Learn the ins and outs of social media in person and ask our experts any questions you may have.

Each training program is customized to your company's specific goals and objectives.

remote training

Live video conferences enable your staff to access our experts from anywhere in the world.  

Offers extra flexibility for companies and individuals that have busy schedules.

Allows for both 1 on 1 and webinar style training sessions from the convenience of your own home or office. 


Our Team


Chief Revenue Officer

Kara CooK

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Community Manager


Technology Specialist

Leslie Wilkins

Chief Operating Officer


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Account Manager

Brittany burtch

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Senior Community Manager


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What People Are Saying

The Pipeline team works hard to keep our social messaging on target and our community fans engaged. Since hiring them, we've seen significant increases in our reach and engagement, and our property-level employees have been able to focus on operations.

Kathryn Jones, Hospitality Ventures Management Group


Pipeline has uncovered new lines of communication which allow me to interact in the greatest possible manner with my constituents.  Because of Pipeline, I now have access to my constituents through all available means of social media.  Instead of worrying about my accessibility to those I represent, I am now able to focus on better serving these individuals that I am engaged with.  

Rep. Brian Strickland, Georgia House of Representatives


Our clients are the most important visitor on our premises~our premises just happens to be our website and social media. Not only are our clients happier with our service but the numbers tell the greater story, we see incredible growth. 

Lisa Kinchen, Publisher/Editor, Southern Journal Magazine


Pipeline has had a tremendous effect on our organization. Over the past year our online presence has drastically improved resulting in deeper involvement from, and communication with, our Partners. Pipeline's staff is attentive to our organizational culture and responsive to our needs. This is one the best services available for any organization looking to build new relationships while strengthening existing ones!

Seth Hoover, Momentum Church

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