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We Create Social-Savvy Businesses

A frontier-like atmosphere has emerged in the social media space for the last few years. Agency after agency has attempted to turn social media marketing into a gold rush for businesses across multiple industries by deploying widgets, tracking clicks, buying fans, etc.

The failure to produce a conventional ROI has stemmed from expecting to turn social investment into revenue without first creating a Return On Influence by increasing your brand equity in the social space.

This is why Pipeline exists - to drive influence first so that we can systematically provide a trackable return on investment over time.

Who We Work With

We work with a variety of businesses both inside and outside of the hospitality space, ranging from nationally recognized chains all the way to historic, one-of-a-kind properties. The Pipeline system and our expert team easily adapt to fit your business-specific needs and interests.

Content Solutions

We specialize in supporting your social content needs in a myriad of ways. Do you need someone to help you identify your current social reach and exploding that reach using a tailored plan for your business? What about outsourcing your social customer service initiatives to a team of experts who can handle the load in real time?

Currently, we have solutions for the following platforms:

We provide Facebook servicesFACEBOOK From regular status updates to posts that promote fan interaction
We provide Twitter servicesTWITTER Communicate in real-time directly with your customers
We provide Google+ servicesGOOGLE+ Interactive reputation monitoring around the clock
We provide Pinterest servicesPINTEREST Rich Media Marketing for High Volumes of Traffic
We provide Blog servicesBLOGS Insightful entries that garner fan interaction and participation

Whether we show you what to do, or you have our team of experts do it for you, Pipeline is here to help you increase your social footprint.

Advertising Solutions

Advertising on Facebook has become a must in order to drive exposure for your brand. Our team of experts can assist your marketing personnel in identifying affordable campaigns that will make a difference in your customer acquisition, brand awareness, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Our Advertising Solutions include:

Our Advertising Solutions include Split Testing ResearchSPLIT TESTING RESEARCH Don’t waste your advertising dollars, our system allows you to see what ads are working and which one’s aren't.
Our Advertising Solutions include Graphics CreationGRAPHICS CREATION Our in-house design team will make sure that your social media presence is cohesive and professional.
Our Advertising Solutions include Ad Concepting & ManagementAD CONCEPTING & MANAGEMENT Not a marketing guru? No worries. We’ll work with you to design to perfect ad campaign and manage it well.
Our Advertising Solutions include Local Search OptimizationLOCAL SEARCH OPTIMIZATION We position your hotel with the top 40 local directories to ensure your search resonance.

Consulting Services

Much like hotels come in all shapes and sizes so too do their problems, their budgets, and their marketing needs. Pipeline has developed two consulting services designed to meet hotel problems head on; each service has its own main focus.

Our SMART reports mainly focus on your overall online reputation. By drilling down into your current social and reputation metrics as well as into that of your competition, we can extract the right data points to analyze as well as do a deep analysis of your market and its drivers. Once all of the research is done, we create a 6 month strategy and plan for helping win your market built around solid, proven techniques we've used on hundreds of hotels.

Another area of opportunity for Pipeline to bring relevant insight is in the boutique, independent, and full-service space. Our BRIDGE Review is for those owners who are taking over new properties, entering new markets, or who are considering a major renovation or retooling of their current brand. Our team of consultants provide creative insights pertaining to your Branding (both who you think you are), Reputation (who your guests say you are), Impression (your on property team and the experience they provide) and your Distribution (total methodology for marketing your property online). After this analysis is complete, the team completes a GAP analysis to determine strengths, areas needing attention, and opportunities to take advantage of. From there, our team creates an execution plan on how the management side of Pipeline could fulfill the needed marketing initiatives to make the property fully BRIDGE the gaps.

Both of these consulting services have several satisfied clients; contact us today for pricing or for referrals.

About Us

Learn About our Team & Culture.

Keith Mather
Director of Client Services Jessica Ammons Lead Community Manager Brittany Burtch Community Manager Kendal Franklin Community Manager Courtneika Hudson Community Manager Victoria Navarrete Community Manager Kellum Nguyen Community Manager Ashley Parsons Community Manager Clarissa Williams Community Manager Jordan Harwood Technology Specialist Darrell Skidmore Technology Specialist Matt Wilkins Controller Brad Sinclair Advisory Board Keith Thompson Advisory Board Gideon Dean Advisory Board
Chief Relationship Officer
Trey Sheneman

Trey Sheneman

As Chief Relationship Officer, Trey Sheneman’s main focal points include: developing new client relationships, monitoring the satisfaction of existing accounts, taking the lead on our consulting projects and forging new strategic partnerships to grow Pipeline’s market share. With experience in social media campaign management for several different industries, Trey supplies real-life experience on what works and what doesn’t in the ever-changing, data-driven social ecosystem. In his down time, Trey enjoys spending time with his family, staying active in his community, and hitting the little white ball every now and again.

Chief Content Officer
Leslie Wilkins

Leslie Wilkins

As Chief Content Officer, Leslie Wilkins oversees the solutions department and ensures that the company provides a specialized approach to its three core solutions: content, technology, and advertising. Leslie develops content strategies for each client and market area that supports both the client’s brand image and target audience. Since graduating college with a degree in marketing, Leslie has taken the marketing lead in several areas of the hospitality industry as well as developing a jack-of-all-trades approach for all social networking platforms. In her free time, Leslie enjoys spending time with her husband and challenging herself with endurance sports.

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