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Spivey Hall at Clayton State University is a concert hall located in Morrow, GA, that prides itself on superb acoustics, outstanding international musicians, and intimate concert experiences. Since 1991, its founders, employees, and supporters have worked together to create an ideal space to showcase the world’s best talent in classical music, jazz music, and beyond. Additionally, Spivey Hall puts a big focus on supporting young musicians through children’s choirs, workshops, online demonstrations, camps, and training. Spivey Hall’s Young People’s Concerts series won the prestigious Abby Award for arts education in Atlanta. Since the concert hall is affiliated with Clayton State University, Spivey Hall is home to hundreds of college-aged students pursuing music degrees & music educators.

Spivey Hall is well-loved by many patrons, which has allowed them to build up a donor base to help continue their dream to ensure all music lovers hear music in the best possible way. They receive regular donations to help sustain the artistic excellence of their world-renowned concert series and educational programs. Spivey Hall also has a volunteer base that helps make concerts an even better experience for guests while allowing these volunteers to gain free access to excellent music.

For decades, Spivey Hall has received consistent national and international attention as one of America’s finest music halls due to its ideal acoustics and design. They have made frequent appearances on American Public Media’s “Performance Today,” enabling them to earn a national reputation while also reaching an international audience through publications like BBC Music Magazine and International Arts Manager. Artists often sing this concert hall’s praises after performing there and frequently become repeat performers.


Spivey Hall hired the Pipeline Social Media team in September 2021 to help manage their social media accounts and Google Ads. While our client already had a fairly large fanbase, they did not have a clear, consistent strategy for how to market themselves to keep their current fanbase engaged or how to find more people who would love their concert hall. Spivey Hall had an advertising budget for Facebook and Instagram but needed an expert when it came to how to best allocate those funds to reach the most people. The concert hall also received a grant from Google for free Google Ads, but they needed someone to manage it effectively for them. Spivey Hall had access to plenty of high-quality photos and videos of performers but did not have the time to create posts. In short, before our services, our client already had several marketing tools and funds to work with but they needed someone to help them complete the puzzle.

Spivey Hall’s goals were primarily to have a consistent social media marketing & advertising strategy, free up some time to focus less on running their social channels, and reach a younger audience to bring new supporters into the fold while still supporting their current fanbase.

To reach their goals, our team created a custom posting strategy & advertising budget plan for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ads. Since virtually all of their content is time-sensitive, it was crucial for them to have an organized approach when it came to their posting schedule. We wanted to market their concerts several months in advance to allow plenty of time for drumming up interest, keeping everyone informed, and filling seats. Additionally, each concert needed its own advertising plan to effectively spend the budget before showtime. We placed an experienced Account Manager and Senior Community Manager in charge of developing and executing their goals. We speak with the client regularly to collaborate on the content, talk over their monthly report, and make sure we are always on track with Spivey Hall’s vision.

As we’ve already stated, Spivey Hall already has a fanbase that loves their concert hall. They receive lots of feedback on social media but simply did not have the time to answer every notification. That is where our Reputation Monitoring services come in. Our team catches every comment, like, message, review, and question from fans so we can maintain an engaged community.

Important Topics: 

  • Upcoming Concerts featuring International Artists
  • Subscription Benefits
  • Educational Concerts
  • Free Concerts for the Community
  • User-Generated Content
  • Federal Holidays & National Holidays Related to Music


Social Media Channels

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google My Business

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

  • Page Promotion Ads – Follow Ads
  • Traffic Ads – Website Click Ads
  • Brand Awareness Ads
  • Page Engagement Ads – Boosted Posts
  • Event Promotion Ads

Google Ads

  • Responsive Search
  • Dynamic Search


Spivey Hall Facebook Stats for January 2022-December 2022

  • Facebook Impressions (number of times content was displayed to users) – 2,184,323
  • Facebook Engagements (reactions, comments, shares, clicks) – 93,822
  • Instagram Impressions (number of times content was displayed to users) – 353,787


Concert Content

Spivey Hall’s content mainly consists of posts directly related to upcoming concerts. The Pipeline team posts daily about the details of their current and upcoming concert series. Below are just a few examples of this kind of content.

Facebook post for Joshua Bell & Peter Dugan at Spivey Hall

Facebook post for Takács Quartet at Spivey Hall

Facebook post for Glenn Miller Orchestra at Spivey Hall

Facebook post for Dover Quartet at Spivey Hall

Volunteer Posts

Spivey Hall’s robust volunteer & donor base set them apart. We included content to support this so that they can continue to find even more people to help keep their vision alive.

Facebook post showing Ways to Support Spivey Hall

Facebook post for becoming a Spivey Hall Friend donor

Customer Reviews Posts

Spivey Hall receives frequent accolades from guests and performers so we love to give that even more exposure. Patrons often chime in for these posts to show even more love in the comments.

Facebook post for upcoming events at Spivey Hall

Facebook post promoting season 32 at Spivey Hall

Facebook post showing customer review from Spivey Hall

User-Generated Content Posts

The more we post user-gen, the more user-gen photos we receive. It’s important to show real people in your feed so fans feel like they are part of a living, breathing community.

Facebook post user-generated post for Spivey Hall

Facebook post showing user-generated content for Spivey Hall

Facebook post showing user generated content for Spivey Hall

Facebook post showing Sons of Serendip

Facebook post showing David Russell at Spivey Hall

Facebook post for Wycliffe Gordon at Spivey Hall

Spivey Hall Education Posts

We often highlight the many educational programs and concerts that Spivey Hall offers for students of all ages.

Facebook post showing Spivey Hall Children's Choir Program

Facebook post showing Spivey Hall Children's Choir Program auditions

Facebook post showing Spivey Hall Young People's Concert reminder

Facebook post showing Spivey Hall Summer Music Camp

CSU Music Department Posts

Spivey Hall partners with the Music Department at Clayton State University to offer free concerts to the community and to give the musicians a space to practice and share their skills. They often partner with other schools and organizations as well, so it’s good content to display Spivey’s value for community collaboration.

Facebook post showing Spivey Hall CSU Music Faculty showcase

Facebook post showing Music Preparatory School at Clayton State University

Facebook post promoting Atlanta Musicians Orchestra

Facebook post for Clayton State Department of Visual and Performing Arts event

Other Posts We Love

Below are just a few more kinds of posts we’ve created for our client. We like to post a good blend of many types of content to test what fans like.

Facebook post promoting subscriptions for Season 32 at Spivey Hall

Facebook post showing Spivey Hall upcoming concerts

Facebook post showing Spivey Hall subscriptions

Facebook post showing Joshua Bell & Peter Dugan event

Spivey Hall World Piano Day

Final Notes

As social media marketers, we’ve loved the opportunity to work with such an artistic, distinguished organization and help get the word out about all they offer the music & education community. Are you interested in getting more exposure for your concert or event venue? Contact us and sign up for your free digital marketing consultation to see how we can help!

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