We have another free photo site to share with you! Have you ever tried to create really, really good content without access to cool photos? It’s difficult, right? All great content has this in common- clear, clean images. Keep reading to learn about one of our favorite sites for finding free stock images—Pexels!

Pexels- Best free stock photos in one place

Pexels’ mission statement is “We help millions of designers, writers, artists, programmers and other creators to get access to beautiful photos that they can use freely which empowers them to create amazing products, designs, stories, websites, apps, art and other work. We call it: ‘Empowering Creators'”

And they are doing just that. You’ll find over 10,000 free, hi-res photos on this site and 3,000 more are added every month. All the photos are curated by the Pexel team from images uploaded to the site and other free photo sites to bring users the best of the best.

Are you excited for Fall? photo by Burak Kostak

How to use Pexels

Anyone can easily navigate Pexels’ site. First, use the search bar to look for a desired image. You will be taken to the image’s profile, and from there you can learn details about the image and download it. Just click the green download button, and the image will be saved to your downloads. That’s it! You’re ready to add great photos to your content!

Notice the helpful info. in the sidebar.

What can I legally do with these photos?

All photos on Pexels are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means—

  • photos are free for personal and commercial use.
  • you can modify them.
  • you do not need permission.
  • you do not need to attribute the owner.

The only exception to this photo license involves recognizable brands and persons. If you insinuate that Coke or another big brand endorses something that they don’t, you could get in some trouble. You definitely shouldn’t do anything tasteless with the photo of a public figure. And it would just be rude (and maybe even illegal) to twist a certain photo that would paint a brand, place, or person in a bad or untrue light.

“Can I use photos from this site on social media? Yes!

And of course, your purposes with these free images must be legal.

What makes Pexels stand out?

We love how much you can do just from the landing page!

So many options!

You are able to:

  • look through popular searches and photos.
  • view the sites top photographers.
  • search by color!
  • find out what photos are new to the site.

These features will help you find tons of photos and inspiration!

Photo by Steyn Viljoen

Photo by Sufkin

What are you waiting for? Don’t forget to make an account, so you can save your favorite photos and maybe even share a few of your own.

Looking for free videos too? Check out Pexels Video! Thanks for reading!

We hope this blog post inspired you! If you want to find more great photos, read our other blogs about great photo websites for social media. Grab some photos from Pexels, and go create some content worth sharing! 

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Maiya Wall
Social Media Community Manager
Pipeline Social Media

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